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PLUKT Herbal Tea

Introducing an exciting new tea to our collection

As a tribute to her Latvian roots and her deep love for tea, our fabulous founder, Ieva Tomase, has introduced a premium Nordic herbal tea to South Africa. As SA celebrates Heritage Month in September, we sat down with Ieva to find out how she used her time during lockdown to explore her own heritage and turn a dream into a reality.

Ieva: “Exactly a year before lockdown I was busy dreaming about what my professional life would look like in an ideal world, as part of a self-development course I was attending. And part of that dream was to be able to create stronger ties to my country of birth, Latvia, and to be able to share the Nordic sensibility through something that is part of my core being, my childhood, but also my current passion.”

How a trip to Latvia, an inspiring tea tasting at PLŪKT and the COVID-19 lockdown gave Ieva a chance to really slow down and turn her dream into a reality.

Ieva: “Fast forward to December 2019, when during a trip to Latvia I sampled PLŪKT teas for the first time. It was as if someone had brought to life what I had been dreaming of all along! Lockdown offered an opportunity for a slower pace and time to explore and focus on something new. Learning about PLŪKT teas from their founder Māra and listening to her story and vision, reaffirmed my initial idea of adding PLŪKT to our portfolio and sharing it with South Africans.”

Made purely from hand-picked herbs and flowers that grow wild in Northern European meadows and forests, PLŪKT herbal teas are delicious, refreshing, and packed with healthy benefits.

Ieva: “Herbal teas have always played an important part of my life growing up – there was yarrow tea for when you were suffering from a cough, linden tea for chest infections and to break a fever, the list goes on. But there was also the pure beauty of the wild flowers and herbs that were largely unknown to the rest of the world.”

Discover the PLŪKT teas in our range

Nordic Black Tea

Nordic Black

Slow fermented fireweed leaves. Wild fireweed is naturally rich in minerals and its taste characteristics are similar to traditional black tea with a bittersweet taste. Nordic Black tea is 100% theine-free, so you can enjoy it at any time of the day or use it as a healthy and refreshing alternative to black tea. It boosts energy and improves metabolism.

Nordic Green

Nordic Green

Traditional dried fireweed leaves. PLŪKT Nordic Green is a healthy, 100% theine-free and refreshing alternative to traditional green tea. Helps boost your energy and improves metabolism, with a dry aftertaste.

Blossom Tea

Blossom Tea

PLŪKT Blossom Tea is a blend of the most vivid and energising flowers of the wild Northern meadows and forests, including echinacea, calendula, peppermint, fireweed, cornflower, cowslip, oregano and mugwort. This is an energy-boosting and balancing day-time tea, naturally sweet taste. 100% theine-free. Best enjoyed slowly on a hot summer afternoon.

White Night Tea

White Night

A herbal dream team – from sweet raspberries to crisp peppermint. PLŪKT White Night is a relaxing tea blend for the evening, made by combining the greenest and most aromatic herbs such as jasmine, wild raspberry leaves, peppermint, lady’s mantle, blackcurrant leaves and woodruff. Crisp taste and a calming effect. 100% theine-free. Best enjoyed slowly.

A great choice for eco-conscious tea fans

All of PLŪKT teas are EU-certified organic and contain herbs and flowers that grow wild in the forests and meadows of Northern Europe. They are hand-picked, dried, blended and then packed in biodegradable tea bags made of corn starch. 100% recyclable and compostable within 30-60 days, these tea bags do not emit any plastic particles into the tea.

PLŪKT supports local farmers and sensitive communities who own organic green areas by involving them in the supply chain. Their designs are based on a real-life herbarium to introduce the variety of wild plants and herbs growing in Northern Europe and to celebrate their natural beauty.

How to prepare the perfect cup of PLŪKT Herbal Tea

  • Use 1 tea bag/cup or small teapot.
  • Pour simmering water (95°C) over the tea bag and infuse for 5 minutes.
  • Remove tea bag and serve.

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