How to create a fabulous tea station at home

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My Morning Sanctuary

For the early morning riser who enjoys that strong cup of black tea before everyone wakes up. Create a serene space to mentally prepare for the day ahead, catch up on the news and enjoy a little Me Time.


  • Pick a spot with the best morning sun, avoid dark areas for this space.
  • Use natural textures and calming neutrals such as bamboo, hemp and cotton.
  • Add fresh flowers, potted herbs or succulents to bring in an element of nature and tranquility.
  • Statement item: metallic finishes reflect the early morning light beautifully. A few touches of light gold or silver will bring a touch of luxury to your morning sanctuary.

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Afternoon Express

The afternoon slump is real, even when you’re working from home! Boost your productivity with bright colours, eye-catching décor, interactivity, and a few sweet treats with an Afternoon Express tea station.


  • Use vivid, happy colours to lift your mood and create a visually interesting space to help you get those creative juices flowing.
  • Jars of sweets, cookies, cake pops, or mini macarons are a great way to introduce those pops of colour, and provide a much-needed sweet escape when you’re having one of those days!
  • Statement item: large glass vases with fresh flowers add a bright light and sweet scent to the air to accompany your midday treats. Try some colourful cups, storage tins and teapots to make it a happy, energetic space.

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Infusion Station

If you want to create a space to wind down the day, this station is a great way to relax with some healing infusions for the whole family.

Tea infusions are a fabulous alternative to sugary drinks and works well for a busy family with their own unique preferences when it comes to tea. Add fruit, herbs, fragrant dried flowers, and a selection of loose-leaf teas to enjoy both hot and cold.


  • Make a big batch if iced tea the night before to use as your tea base.
  • Arrange a selection of loose-leaf teas in cannisters for easy access.
  • Elegant jars or bottles of fresh or dried herbs, fruit, syrups, and tinctures can double as your décor items.
  • Statement item: luxury tea cannisters will add both design and functionality to your tea station to make it a space that works for the whole area.

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Cocktail Hour

Inspired by TWG Tea Cocktail Hour Iced Tea bags, this station is an after-hours tea fix for the mixologist at heart. Trendy tea cocktails with a splash of sparkling wine add a touch of glamour to this tea station. This is also a great way to make use of your luxury glassware and drinks accessories.


  • Make use of a drinks trolley to really give it the Cocktail Hour treatment.
  • Lighting is important, use a floor lamp or antique desk lamp to set the mood.
  • Statement piece: crystal glasses and carafes or copper bar accessories will instantly transform this evening cup of tea into a glamorous affair.

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