Why Cotton Is So Special

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Cotton is the best material to infuse tea with.

Many years ago, when tea was first transported from the East to the West, the traders would wrap tea leaves in little pieces of cotton cloth, that way preserving them throughout their journey.

Unlike paper, used in most conventional tea bags, cotton does not absorb the flavour of the tea. Nor does it impart any additional flavour like infusers made of other materials may.

Cotton acts like a natural sieve, transferring the flavours of the tea directly to the teapot or your cup. And that way you get to experience the full flavour and aroma of your chosen tea, without having to share it with the tea bag first!

In line with their commitment to the best quality of all their teas as well as the accessories that accompany tea drinking, TWG Tea has carried the theme of using only cotton throughout their different products. They have spared no effort in creating the ultimate tea bag using biodegradable 100% cotton material and thread, entirely hand sewn in order not to crush the fine whole leaf teas inside.

Choose cotton

Each tea bag contains the exact same high quality tea leaves retailed loose, conveniently portioned in 2.5g servings for the perfect cup of tea. Cotton gives the tea leaves ample room to expand ensuring a full and aromatic infusion.

The different tea filters are also made entirely of 100% cotton material. The reusable TWG Tea Cotton Tea Filter fits over any teapot and is the best accessory to brew the perfect pot of tea with. If you prefer to just make one cup at a time or travel a lot and like to bring your favourite tea along, try using the Disposable Cotton Tea Filters: little cotton envelopes that allow you to create your own tea bag.

So next time you are making tea, make sure there is cotton involved!

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