Wanderlust: a Journey around the World

Treasure Chest Series - Wanderlust
Treasure Chest Series - Wanderlust


We have all had to rein in our travel plans over the past year and if you have been experiencing a profound sense of wanderlust, you are not alone.

Travelling and opening oneself up to new experiences, cultures, sights, smells, and tastes keeps many of us going. Despite the cancelled trips and lost experiences, that has not stopped us from dreaming!

This strong desire to explore the world is the inspiration for our second Treasure Chest in the series and we are delighted to introduce you to Wanderlust: A Journey Around the World.

What you can expect in the second Treasure Chest

Our journey begins in the geographically important Cederberg mountains in South Africa and then we travel north to Rwanda and even farther for a refreshing Moroccan-style tea experience. Our next stop takes us into the magical meadows of the small country of Latvia in Northern Europe, and then across to India for an exclusive taste of a very special tea. Staying on the continent, we travel to China for a weekend in Shanghai and then over to Japan for a traditional specialty.

This luxury tea experience offers you a unique opportunity to discover seven different teas from around the world along with a set of beautiful postcards featuring prints from South African photographer, Caroline Gibello.

Tea Selection

  1. Jade of Africa Tea (50g loose leaf tea) Red tea/rooibos, South Africa. A delicate TWG Tea South Africa red tea enhanced with the subtle fragrance of red berries and a sprinkling of sunflower petals. A light and fruity tea for any time of the day.
  2. Rwanda Express BP1 (50g loose leaf tea) – Black tea,  Rwanda. A most exceptional and exclusive TWG Tea creation. A rich and malty, broken-leaf black tea blended with the vigor of cracked coffee beans. The best of both worlds.
  3. Moroccan Mint Tea (1x extra large silken iced tea bag) – Moroccan style green tea blend.  A great favorite, this fine TWG Tea green tea is perfectly blended with suave and strong Sahara mint. A timeless classic.
  4. Nordic Black Tea (4x 100% biodegradable tea bags) – Herbal tea, Latvia. Fermented fireweed hand-picked from wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe.
  5. Alfonso Tea (1x extra large silken iced tea bag)  – Black tea, India. A magnificent alliance of black tea and rare mango with a secret combination of TWG Tea fruits and flowers that is fragrant and comforting – only available as part of this Treasure Chest.
  6. Weekend in Shanghai Tea (50g loose leaf tea) – Green tea, China.  An exclusive tribute to a city of juxtapositions. This precious green tea is embellished with ripe red berries, swirls of mystical blossoms and a hint of mint, producing a cup of dazzling freshness.
  7. Genmaicha (4x 100% cotton tea bags) – Green tea, Japan. A traditional Japanese specialty of exquisite green tea blended with roasted and popped rice. Mild and smooth, this TWG Tea produces a bright infusion with a unique, toasted flavour. A favorite with tea lovers of all ages. Genmaicha tea bags are only available as part of this Treasure Chest.


“My journey in Africa began a long time ago. The call of the wild inhabits the deep recesses of my soul. A primordial longing to connect with the force of nature resides deep within my being. This journey fuels the wild beating of my free will. It is one which I love to share. Africa is in me as it is in you. It is a deep resounding, pulsating life force, alive with rich memories of where we all have been and where we all long to go, to be alive…”

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