Experience spring in a teacup as TWG Tea whisks you away to the ephemeral beauty of Kyoto with the limited-edition Sakura! Sakura! Tea from the Grand Mode Tea Collection.

This fragrant blend evokes Kyoto’s most celebrated season and the first buds of cherry blossoms. A scattering of pink petals and green tea yields a most aromatic and elegant fragrance, while notes of Rainier cherry lend this captivating infusion a lingering floral sweetness.

The season’s collectible tea tin, in a delicate rose pink hue and adorned with dainty florals, perfectly encapsulates the fleeting beauty of Hanami. This marvellous green tea is perfect to enjoy any time of the day.

Type of Tea

Green Tea, Exclusive Blends



Tea Preparation

Use 2.5 g of tea leaves/cup or 5g/teapot. Pour simmering water (95°C) over the leaves and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove leaves and serve.