Inspired by our mama’s…

When thinking if we should do a Mother’s Day Treasure Chest this year, we were inspired by what we would gift our own mothers on such an occasion. Naturally these gifts were a little different, as our company blends two unique cultures – South African and Latvian. And true to these cultures are the tea brands we carry. We are so excited to introduce you to our Mother’s Day Treasure Chests.

This isn’t simply a gift, it is love.

Anne | Treasure Chest

Annan’s love for tea began at an early age when her mom would encourage her to put real tea in her toy tea set. She would sit in the garden for hours playing and sipping on tea, feeling very grown up she would pour another cup begging her mom “just stay for one more cup of tea!”.

This Treasure Chest is inspired by Anne, a mama with a strong work ethic, loving nature and kind heart. Growing up she always encouraged her children to be themselves, face fears head on and treat everyone equally. Annan aspires to one day be the same for her own children.

Inside the Treasure Chest:
Tsar Breakfast Tea x 50g (exclusive black tea blend)
Lemon Bush Tea x 50g (red tea/rooibos, South Africa)
Saturn tea tin, 50g x 1
TWG Tea silver scoop x 1
Reusable cotton tea filter x 1

Anda | Treasure Chest

Herbal teas are part of the Latvian heritage, from picking of the different plants and flowers to drying them, and then later enjoying a pot of brewed tea. This Treasure Chest is inspired by Ieva’s childhood summers spent with her mom in the beautiful Latvian countryside, picking flowers and wild berries in the forests and collecting linden blossoms for tea. Anda taught her girls about all the different flowers and plants you can find in the meadows, and the deep love and appreciation of nature is something Ieva strives to pass on to her children today.

Inside the Treasure Chest:
Nordic Black Tea x 25 bio-degradable tea bags (slow fermented fireweed leaves)
Linden Tea x 20g
Cowslip Tea x 35g
Wild Raspberry Leaf Tea x 25g

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