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The Tea Chest Story

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    Moving an idea from one’s imagination to reality, is like watching the rich stains of a tea leaf and hot water swirl into a perfect balance of aroma and taste. It takes time. It requires us to stop what we are doing. It promises significance, brings …Read more

Why Cotton Is So Special

Did you know that cotton is the best material to infuse tea with? Many years ago, when tea was first transported from the East to the West, the traders would wrap tea leaves in little pieces of cotton cloth, that way preserving them throughout their journey. Unlike paper, used in most conventional tea bags, cotton does not absorb the flavour of the tea. Nor does it impart any additional flavour like infusers made of other materials may. Cotton acts like a natural sieve, transferring the flavours of the tea directly to the teapot or your cup. And that way you...download pdf

The Perfect Iced Tea

The Perfect Iced Tea

A glass of iced tea can be one of the most refreshing drinks on a hot summer’s day. But it has very little in common with the “ice teas” found on the shelves of supermarkets these days - soft drinks full of sugar, which rarely...download pdf